Ref No920 ROS
TitleRoscoe Letters and Papers
Description The letters received by William Roscoe (1753-1831) and drafts of his replies, together with his papers.

The principal groups and sources of the papers are indicated below.

1-5390 Correspondence and papers in alphabetical order of correspondents, deposited in 1931 (Acc 0147)

5391-5644 Literary manuscripts and misc. papers (Acc 0147)

5645-5742 Letters from sons of William Roscoe to Mrs. Elizabeth Moss, deposited in 1951 (Acc 0148)

5743-5758 Papers and deeds relating to Hannah Eliza, wife of W.S. Roscoe, and her family the Caldwells. These papers are not calendared in detail (Acc 0148)

5759-5763 Account and Estate Books (Acc 0148)

5764 List of voters for Roscoe, 1806 (Acc 0148)

5765-5766 Literary notebooks (Acc 0148)

5773-5789 Misc. letters and papers from various sources (noted on cards)

5790-5799 Photostat copies of letters from William Roscoe to William Rathbone IV (1757-1809) among the Rathbone papers in the University of Liverpool (Acc 47B)

5800-5826 Misc. letters given by Mrs. Konekamp (nee Jevons), which the donor states may have come originally from the autograph collection of Catherine Hutton (Acc 705)

5827 MS Journal of Margaret Roscoe, given by Miss Jevons. Old ref MD6 (1817-1819) and MD8 (1822-1824) (Acc. 06)

5828-6009 MS poems by William Roscoe and his children given by Miss Jevons (Acc. 06, 145)

6010-6045 Photostat copies of correspondence of William Roscoe, William Stanley Roscoe and his wife with Josiah Wedgwood, 1812-1839. The originals are in the Wedgwood Museum (Acc. 598)

The manuscripts of poems by William Roscoe and his family are written in various hands, and some show revision and editing for publication. Their present order is not significant. The authorship of a number of poems is shown by a number of asterisks, numbering one to seven. Of these the following have been identified:

One: William Roscoe of. no. 5845
Two: William Stanley Roscoe of. no 5878
Four: Thomas Roscoe of. no. 5968
Five: Mary Ann Roscoe (Mrs. Thomas Jevons) of. no. 5875
Six: Jane Elizabeth Roscoe (Mrs. Francis Hornblower) of. no. 5869

No systematic attempt has been made to identify the authorship of the poems or their appearance in print other than those of William Roscoe as printed in George Chandler's 'William Roscoe of Liverpool' (1953), although a few have been identified in W.S. Roscoe's 'Poems' (1834), Mrs Thomas Jevons' 'Sonnets and other Poems' (1845) and Mrs. Francis hornblower's 'Poems' (1843).
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